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Marine fends and Mooring bollard systems application


ESC Marine Systems is a division of ESC Group for delivering high quality marine fenders and mooring bollard systems to the global market. 

ESC's design engineers around the world are well equipped to provide a competitive end-to-end marine systems products and solutions.

Mooring bollards

ESC can offer a wide range of cast iron or steel bollards in various sizes, grades and capacities. 

Marine Fenders

ESC has strategic partnerships with PIANC registered manufacturers with over 20 years of experience delivering marine fender system solution worldwide.

Cone Fender
Cell Fender
Element  Fender
Arch Fender
Cynlindrical Fender
Square Fender
Pneumatic Fender
Foam Filled Fender
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Single Bitt
Double Bitt
T-Head Japanese
Pillar Japanese
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ESC Marine Systems is a supplier of high-performance Mooring Bollards and Marine Fenders, through its PIANC-registered partners. ESC offers high-grade mooring bollards and marine fenders which are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards and guidelines.

Mooring bollards comes with ratings from 10 to 300Tons and many different types - the T-Head, T-Horn, Kidney, Cleat, Double Bitt, Single Bitt, and Pillar.


Marine rubber fenders has variety in over 50 profiles, 5 rubber grades, and types such as the Cone Fender, Cell Fender, Element Fender, Arch Fender, Cylindrical Fender, Square Fender, Pneumatic Fender, and Foam Filled Fender.


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