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Note: Weight (kg) = 1m fender

The table are the lists ESC's Arch fender product range. The product range contained is liable to change without notice.

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ESC Arch Fenders are a simple yet rugged designed fender providing reliable performance with minimum potential issues. It is a design utilised in a wide variety of ship berths that can be depended on even under severe environmental conditions.



  • Excellent Geometrical Efficiency

  • Excellent performance at a wide range of berthing angles

  • Good Shear Resistance

  • Wide range of rubber grades and compounds for various applications

  • Simple one piece fender design

  • General Cargo Berths

  • Bulk Terminals

  • Oil / LNG Facilities

  • Container Terminal Berths

  • RoRo and Cruise Terminals

  • Monopiles & Dolphins

Technical Information

Options include:

  • Customizable lengths up to 3.5m for a single piece. Greater lengths can be formed utilising 2 adjacent fenders

  • UMHW PE Frontal Pads in a variety of sizes, colours and thicknesses for lower frictional force from contact with vessels

  • Ladder Rungs integrated into the fender body

  • Range of anchor bolting options and materials

Marine Fender Catalogue
Arch Fender - TAR Series
Arch Fender - JAR Series
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