Mooring bollard application

Pillar Bollard Series

ESC’s latest generation of Pillar Bollards provide a compact high strength bollard system that can be utilised in a multitude of configurations:



  • General purpose applications up to 200 tons

  • Avoid steep rope angles where possible

  • Suitable for warping operations

  • 360 degree horizontal line angle use

  • Can be utilized from all sides of jetty

Pillar bollard
Pillar bollard
Pillar bollard specifications
Body Material Choices

Ductile Cast Iron​​

Cast Steel

Capacity Range

10-200 Metric Tons

Line Loading Range

±360° horizontal

+60°/-15° vertical

Ductile Cast Iron Grades
  • BS EN 1563  ASTM - EN-GJS-450 to 500

  • A 536 - 65-45-12 to 80-55-6

  • GB/T 1348 - QT450-10 to QT-600-3

​Cast Steel Grades​
  • ASTM A148: 65-35 to 80-50

  • IS 1030: 230-450 to 340-570

  • GB/T 11352 - ZG230-450 to ZG340-640

Anchor Bolt Grades

Typically Grade 4.8 to 8.8 Galvanized


Technical Information

pillar mooring bollards datasheet

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Product Images

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50 Ton Pillar Bollards
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